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                             You can reach out anytime to get an exact price.                                   631-488-5297.

Dress, non-formal

Take in/out sides up to sleeve-$20

Take in/out sides, sleeveless-$15

Take in/out sides through sleeves, reset sleeves-$35

Take in/out center seam-$20

Take in through zipper, reset zipper-$35

Shorten waist/back with zipper-$40

Raise shoulders, reset collar or sleeves-$40

Raise shoulders, reset collar and sleeves-$45

Reduce shoulders-$35

Lower armholes (add $15 for sleeves)-$20

Shorten/lengthen sleeves-$15

Shorten/lengthen sleeves silk, vented or detailed-$25

Shorten spaghetti straps-$15

Replace zipper-$15


Take in/out sides-$15

Take in/out sides,through waist or hem-$20

Take in/out sides, through waist and hem-$25

Take in/out sides through the zipper, reset zipper-$25

Add slits-$10~$15

Replace zipper-$15

Shorten plain hem-$15

Shorten pleaded skirt-$20


Take in sides-$20

Take in sides through sleeves-$25

Take in/make darts-$15

Shorten sleeves with no cuff or details-$15

Shorten sleeves with cuff  or details-$25

Shorten hem-$20


Hem plain-$12

Hem with cuff-$15

Tapper legs-$18

Tapper tuxedo pants-$25

Take in/out waist and seat-$30

Take in/out waist from sides- $20

Take in/out seat-$15

Take in/out crotch-$18

Take in/out waist-seat-crotch-$40

Flatten hips-$15

Replace zipper-$20


Shorten/Lengthen sleeves-$25

Shorten sleeves from top-$50

Take in/out sides (add $10 for vents)-$35

Take in/out center seam ( add $10 for vents)-$30

Reduce shoulders-$70

Tapper sleeves-$25

Shorten jacket-$55

Recut jacket-$150



Take in/out sides-$20

Center seam in-$20

Shorten straps-$15

Replace back material-$40


Replace zipper-$20

Original hem-$15



Tapper with stitching-$25


Bridal Gown

(prices range depending on gown)

Take in/out sides-$50

Take in/out sides with sleeves-$65

Take in through zipper-$55

Take in through zipper with loops and buttons-$65

Take in princess seam-$45

Reshape/restyle neckline-$55

Shorten bodice from the waist-$80

Add bra cups-$20

Raise shoulders,sleeveless-$30

Lower armholes ( add $20 for sleeves)-$30

Shorten sleeves-$25~$40

Tapper sleeves-$30~$40

Raise shoulder with sleeves-$55

Reduce/narrow shoulders-$45

Shorten spaghetti straps-$25

Take in neckline-$30

Take in/out sides on skirt-$20 per layer

Add boning, each seam-$15

Hem,per layer-$25

Hem with horsehair, per layer-$40

Bridesmaid/Formal Dress

Take in/out sides with boning-$40

Take in/out through zipper-$45

Take in princess seam,plain-$35

Raise shoulders, sleeveless-$35

Add bra cups-$20

Re-style neckline, plain-$40

Re-style neckline, detailed-$50

Shorten spaghetti straps-$20

Lower armholes, sleeveless-$30

Take in/out sides on the skirt below waist-$20 per layer

Hem, per layer-$25




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